Drug Rehab in Carlisle, PA

Drug rehab in Carlisle involves getting treatment after your initial detox period from the drugs you were addicted to. Once physical addiction is removed, you will begin working on your emotional attachment to drugs at a drug addiction rehab facility. While your body may no longer feel the physical urge to use drugs, you were learn that addiction is much more than physical when you meet with the professionals at our drug rehab treatment center. What led to your addiction and the behaviors that trigger your use will be addressed when you begin meeting with staff. Through talk therapy, group sessions and peer support, you will begin to learn about addiction and how to prevent a relapse.

The Basics of Drug Rehab in Carlisle

When you enter a drug rehab treatment center, you are beginning your journey of sobriety. After you have physically withdrawn from the drugs you were addicted to, it's time for a drug addiction rehab facility to start learning how sober living in Carlise can benefit you. You will start meeting with an individual counselor to talk about your addiction and to come up with a treatment plan that will get you the help you need in the next few months. You'll begin group meetings, where you and others can share your story and learn from each other. Long term relapse prevention focuses on building a strong peer support network so that you can learn the skills you need in the years to come in order to maintain your sobriety.

What You Can Expect at a Drug Rehab in Carlisle

While you may be nervous about entering a drug rehab treatment center, this is the time to make a commitment to your sobriety. As you begin treatment at a drug addiction rehab facility, you will be assessed to see what treatment is right for you. If you need drug detox in Carlisle, you will begin the process of withdrawal being carefully observed by medical professionals.

Medically-assisted detox involves watching your symptoms carefully and providing you with any necessary treatment to get you through the withdrawal period. Your treatment will depend on the drug you have been addicted to, the symptoms you present, and the severity of your symptoms.

You will work with a counselor in one-to-one sessions during drug addiction rehab in Carlisle. Together you will develop a treatment plan that will address both your current needs for treatment and your goals for the future. The treatment plan may include recommendations to attend a drug rehab treatment center on an outpatient basis, or to go to a full time, inpatient program for more intense treatment.

Treatment Options for Drug Rehab in Carlisle

Once you withdraw from the drugs you were addicted to and you start working with a counselor, the next step is to work on a plan for treatment that focuses on relapse prevention. While some people are ready to move back to the community after a short drug rehab, others don't have the support they need to stay sober at home right away.

Treatment options vary from person to person. You may be told that you should enter a longer term inpatient facility in order to get a good foundation of sobriety built. If you are new to the recovery process and you don't have any outside support, your chances of success when you go home too early are low.

Inpatient facilities focus on teaching addicts relapse prevention techniques. Through the use of individual therapy and group sessions, patients learn what it takes to stay sober while on their own in the community.

For people who have had a short relapse, outpatient treatment may be the answer. If you already have a support network and your relapse was brief, you may be able to return home safely while attending a program during the day.

Once you complete a program for intensive treatment, you can also choose to go to a sober living program. In sober living you will live with others who are going through the same process you are. This is a great way to meet peers who will be supportive to you throughout your recovery. Call now for help at (717) 255-0259.

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