Rehab Treatment in Carlisle, PA

Addiction treatment therapy that provides rehab treatment in Carlisle can take on a variety of forms. While attending individual therapy, you will address your specific needs for treatment. Your therapist can employ a variety of techniques and encourage you to attend 12-step groups, participate in family therapy, or provide you with a specific form of therapy that they believe will work effectively for you. Whether you begin cognitive behavioral therapy to address certain thoughts and behaviors, or a motivational system is used, your therapist will continually look for ways to teach you how to remain sober in your life.

Drug Rehab Treatment Programs and Addiction Treatment Therapy

There are different types of rehabilitative treatment offered at rehab treatment in Carlisle. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT, focuses on learning new thought patterns and behaviors to deal with stressful situations.

Expressive therapies are offered at some of our treatment centers. Art or music therapy gives clients the chance to explore their creative expressions through the use of music or art. This allows clients to learn more about their thoughts and experiences through creativity.

In facilities that utilize trauma therapy approaches, clients will go through specific addiction treatment therapy to help reduce the effects of past trauma on the body. For example, a therapist may use EMDR or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to address past trauma. Many addicts try to medicate past trauma by using illegal substances.

Didactic groups are also used in drug rehab treatment programs. These are groups designed to give you the basic skills you need to live a more productive, drug free life. Groups can focus on learning how to be more independent, how to ask for help, how to set boundaries and more. When you continually struggle with sobriety, it's important to learn all that you can about relapse prevention.

Understanding What Rehab Treatment in Carlisle Is Right for You

You may not know right away what therapy is going to work best for you. When you begin working with a therapist, they may decide that a combination of therapies is in your best interest. If you have a history of trauma, your therapist may introduce treatments such as EMDR to reduce your trauma response.

If you have a specific mental health diagnosis, your therapist may begin your addiction treatment therapy with basic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to talk about what led you to becoming an addict in the first place. You will talk about your triggers and thoughts around drug use. Your therapist will look for patterns and look for ways to introduce new thought patterns into your life.

Group therapy is an essential tool for your recovery. You might attend didactic groups during rehab treatment in Carlisle, and continue such groups at an outpatient facility to treat your drug addiction. The goal of any addiction treatment therapy is to provide you with skills that you can continue to build on over time. As you learn more about yourself and your addiction, you will improve in your ability to stay sober.

12-step groups are generally an integral part of any relapse prevention strategy. When you begin to attend 12-step groups, you will probably sit quietly and listen to the stories around you. While you can participate right away, many people are nervous at first. Through listening, you can gain valuable experience about what it's like living sober in Carlisle. As you get comfortable in groups, sharing your story is an excellent way to gain confidence in how far you have come.

As you work through drug rehab in Carlisle, you will learn about all types of relapse prevention techniques. Your therapist or group members might suggest all kinds of treatment to reduce stress. This can include individual therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and other alternative therapies to address your stress response. Learning new ways to cope with everyday life is essential to your relapse prevention success.

With the various options for rehab treatment in Carlisle, you will be able to find treatment that will work for you. Addiction is complicated. As you work on your sobriety, there will be a number of therapies that help your progress and some that don't seem to help you at all. As you find what helps you maintain your sobriety, you will be able to build on your strengths.

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