Sober Living In Carlisle, PA

When you are committed to your sobriety, it can be hard to return home right after drug rehab in Carlisle. Sober living in Carlisle involves living in a residence with other people who are also working hard to remain substance free. A sober living program offers you the chance to meet peers who are there to offer support. You'll meet new friends in a sober living community, as you will be focused on similar life goals. If you don't feel ready to return home, it's time consider alternative living options to work on your sobriety.

Understanding Sober Living In Carlisle

A sober living community is an environment where you will be able to learn from your peers. You will have a safe place to live that offers you support as you learn how to deal with your addiction more effectively. In a sober living program, you'll learn about SMART recovery, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. While this is not a specific 12-step program, it will teach you how to become free of your addiction. The goal is to improve your motivation to stay sober and give you the tools you need to stay strong in your recovery.

The SMART program is designed to promote a balanced lifestyle. You will be taught coping strategies to deal with urges to use substances. You'll attend meetings in person, and you can also find support for SMART programs online. It is a method of recovery that is often presented in a sober living community as an option to enhance your overall sobriety.

Your Length of Stay in Sober Living in Carlisle

There is no set stay in a sober living program, but most people will stay for a minimum of 90 days to learn more about the recovery process. In general, the longer you are able to commit to living in a sober living environment, the higher your chances are of success. It takes time to strengthen your resolve to stay sober and to learn the skills you will need when you are back out in the community on your own. In a sober living community, you will meet others who are going through the same process, and you will gain valuable connections that will help you when you move out to live back home.

What It's Like to Reside in Sober Living in Carlisle

When you move into a sober living program, you can expect that it will take you some time to get used to the program. You will be in a safe place, where you will have the support you need to work on your recovery. With the help of your sober living community, you will gain insight into your addiction. You will build strong relationships with your housemates as you all are working towards a similar goal. You will be able to ask plenty of questions, and you will have the time you need to work on your recovery without the distractions of home life. You can expect to gain strength in your sobriety, and to meet friendships that are going to be invaluable when you return home.

The Rules in Sober Living in Carlisle

There will be rules in the program you attend for sober living. The rules are there to protect your sobriety and to give you the best chance at successful recovery from your addiction. When you first enter, there may be a period of time where you are not allowed out of the program at all. As you gain more skills, you might begin to attend groups outside of the facility with a peer who has more time in the program. The rules tend to be more strict for those that first enter, and as you get ready to return home you will have more freedom.

You will need to refrain from all substances in a sober living environment, and you may be drug tested. If you are found using substances, it is highly likely you will be kicked out of the program immediately and require starting the process over with drug detox in Carlisle.

Sober living environments provide you with the opportunity to learn more about addiction and recovery in a structured way. You will meet peers that will guide you along the process, and staff will work closely with you to develop coping strategies that have real world use. You will have the chance to ask questions and to learn from those around you. As you become stronger in your sobriety, you will have chances to go out in the community to test your resolve. Call now for help at (717) 255-0259.

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