Drug Detox in Carlisle, PA

Drug detox in Carlisle is a time to withdraw from the drugs you have been taking in a safe, supervised manner. At a drug detox for addiction, you may begin the work of finding the support you need to remain sober in your life. At drug detox, you will begin to meet with an individual counselor to talk about your addiction and to develop a treatment plan to lead you to your next phase of treatment. The detox process is a relatively short one. Once the drugs are no longer in your system, you will begin the more difficult work of learning sober living in Carlisle for the rest of your life.

Understanding the Basics of Drug Detox in Carlisle

At a center for drug detox, you are taking the first step to remove drugs from your body. Many people undergo a supervised medical detox at one of the drug detox for addiction facilities. This means that you would be watched closely by medical professionals to ensure that the withdrawal process is safe for you. In addition, you receive prescription medications during the withdrawal process to help ease symptoms. In general, when you attend rehab treatment Carlisle, you will begin your recovery process. Withdrawing from substances isn't easy, and you will get the support you need to withdraw safely.

Withdrawal Symptoms Seen at a Center for Drug Detox in Carlisle

Your withdrawal symptoms will vary, depending on the substances you are addicted to. With opiate withdrawal, you may experience stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety or depression. Your symptoms can come on slowly and quickly become worse. If you begin sweating or you have a fever and you are trying to withdraw on your own, you may need help at a center for drug detox to withdraw safely.

If you are trying to detox from heroin, you may see similar symptoms as prescription pain medications. Pain medication and heroin are opiates, and the withdrawal process is similar. The severity of your symptoms will be related to how long you were using the drug and how much you were using on a daily basis. When you begin to feel symptoms within a short time period of your last use, you will be tempted to use again in order to relieve the symptoms. The safest way to come off of drugs is through a drug detox for addiction center that will monitor you closely for withdrawal symptoms.

The Importance of Entering a Drug Detox in Carlisle

When you want to successfully withdraw from drugs, the only safe way to do so is to find a center for drug detox that you trust. The symptoms of withdrawal can be severe, and a drug detox for addiction is only your first step in the recovery process. As you become less dependent on the drugs you are addicted to, it will be time to enter your next phase of treatment. While removing the physical addiction is a great start, learning relapse prevention strategies is the only way you are going to be able to remain drug free for the future.

Many people refuse to enter drug detox because they don't want others to know about their addiction. If you are employed full time, you may be worried that your employer will find out and fire you from your job. You could be concerned what your friends or family members are going to think about your addiction. Once you are ready for help, you'll find the strength you need to ask for the treatment you need for your addiction.

Relapse prevention is generally a lifetime strategy for sobriety. As you learn about your addiction and the triggers that cause you stress, it will become easier to find the support you need. Relapse prevention involves any techniques that help keep you sober. This could be individual therapy, 12-step groups, and other recovery programs in order to find support. The more you can build up a support network around you, the easier it will be for you to reach out for help when you need it.

Once you complete drug detox, you will enter a period of rehabilitation. You can attend treatment on an inpatient basis, or you can go to an outpatient program to learn the skills you need. If you have a safe place to live and aren't at risk for using at home, an outpatient program is perfect for you to maintain your new found sobriety. Call now for help at (717) 255-0259.


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